Natural Ways to Reduce Gynecomastia

If you’re suffering from man boobs, you might be interested in natural ways to reduce gynecomastia. There are several natural remedies that will help you to reduce the size of your male breast tissue.

One of the first things you can do is make sure you maintain a healthy body weight. Man boobs can often be caused by obesity itself or by estrogen that’s produced in fat cells. If you’re already a normal weight, you want to make sure and keep it there.

Stay away from soy products. These are often also associated with health foods and meat substitutes. However, soy is full of the female hormone estrogen. Drinking too much soy milk or eating too many products with soy can cause gynecomastia.

Keep your sodium levels low. Salt is in so much of the food we eat and it can cause you to retain excess fluid. That will make the appearance of man boobs even more evident. Flushing your body of salt by choosing low sodium options and drinking adequate amounts of water can keep you from being bloated.

Raising your testosterone levels can also help you to reduce the male breast tissue you have. Supplements containing zinc can help you to naturally produce more testosterone. And foods high in zinc can help you to improve your zinc levels.

Those foods include oysters, chicken, red meat, and nuts. Make sure to include these foods as part of your daily nutritional routine. They can help you to naturally produce testosterone to help reduce the breast tissue on your chest.


Natural Ways to Reduce Gynecomastia Natural Ways to Reduce Gynecomastia

Check to make sure any medications you’re taking aren’t contributing to man boobs. Some medications can cause a hormonal imbalance. Only your doctor can help you to determine if you need to change a medication.

You also need to make sure you’re getting plenty of sleep each night. Most people need seven to ten hours of sleep and don’t get anywhere near that amount. This can lead to problems with testosterone because so much of it is made during sleep.

Having a healthy sex life can also keep your testosterone levels high and reduce man boobs. It’s especially helpful to have sex early in the morning to keep your levels high all day long. These higher levels of testosterone will help you to reduce your man boobs.

Other methods include surgical reduction of man boobs, but that’s very invasive and can be painful. Using natural ways to reduce gynecomastia should be considered before taking the extreme step of having surgery to reduce man boobs.

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